Keflavik FBO

Keflavik Airport is located on the southwest corner of Iceland.

Just a 45 minute drive from the airport you will find Reykjavik city center, with all of its culture.

Keflavik Airport is the perfect stop for bigger jets, and for fuel stops.The airport was built during World War II by the US Military, to replace an old British air strip just south of the airport.


The airport has two runways.

Runway 01/19 which is 3054m long and 60m wide
Runway 10/28 which is 3065m long and 60m wide

The airports firecategories are:

  • CAT VIII (CAT-8) from hrs. 05:00-19:00
  • CAT VII (CAT-7) from hrs. 19:00-05:00

Fuel types available are:

  • JET A-1

Airport opening hours


Refuelling opening hours


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